All published work of the narrow-leafed lupin genome sequencing project is deposited as short read archives (SRAs) in GenBank under BioProjectID: PRJNA248164.


To download the de novo transcriptome assemblies for the RNAseq data described in Kamphuis et al., 2015 (Plant Biotech J 13  14-25) of five different tissue types (leaf, stem, root, flower and seed), please use the links below:


De novo Transcriptome Assemblies:

De novo Tanjil transcriptome assembly (Trinity_Tanjil.fasta.tar.gz)

De novo P27255 transcriptome assembly (Trinity_P27255.fasta.tar.gz)

De novo Unicrop transcriptome assembly (Trinity_Unicrop.fasta.tar.gz)


To download the genome assemblies described in Hane et al., 2017 (Plant Biotech J 15 318-330) and the associated annotated gene sets, please use the links below:

The scaffold assembly (Lupinus_angustifolius_scaffolds_v1.0.fa)

The pseudochromosome assembly (Lupinus_angustifolius_pschrom_v1.0.fa)

The unassigned scaffolds (Lupinus_angustifolius_pschrom_unassigned_scaffolds.fa)

The annotated gene sets with both gene sequences (Lupinus_angustifolius_cds_v1.0.fa) and protein sequences (Lupinus_angustifolius_pep_v1.0.fa)